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Enhance the appeal of your outdoor space with the help of Nature Elements. For more than 15 years, we have been designing and maintaining residential lawns and gardens in Felton, California.

About Nature Elements – Company

At Nature Elements, we create spaces with the customer’s lifestyle and activities in mind. Our commitment is to adapt our designs to each specific topographic region, microclimate, and agricultural style to transform our customer’s visions into sustainable and creative landscapes.

We are a fully integrated company that provides complete landscape design with custom features like fire pits, water features, complete irrigation and lighting systems, custom furniture, and decking.

We also provide specialized routine landscape maintenance to keep your gardens looking beautiful and clean all year long.


About Nature Elements – People

Katia Velasquez | Principal Designer

With a BS degree in architecture from Mexico, years of experience designing and marketing new products for a worldwide irrigation company, and living in Baja California (Mex) and California, Katia has created a reputation for designing and building beautiful, functional landscapes with the lifestyle of the client in mind.

She adapts all the elements of nature in an ecologically conscious way, blending functionality with the diverse activities of her clients.

“I really enjoy creating spaces that identify with each family.”

“Being an architect gives my designs a continuous flow from indoor to outdoor without complex transitions, a garden that you can consider your own.”


Our Extra Help


You can always count on our very special workforce. Digging and supervising are our specialties.

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Echo and the bunny man


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